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From Falmouth to London,

join in and be part of this epic story...


for Historians...

Do you love stories from the time of Nelson's Navy and Napoleon? Are you a local historian with information to share about your town in Georgian times? Or would you simply like to learn more about the Battle of Trafalgar and how the news of victory reached London in November 1805? Click below to discover more and find out how you can become involved.
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for Adventurers...

Are you looking for new places to explore or an exciting challenge? Perhaps just a fun game or past-time to do while you spend time with children or grandchildren? Follow our link to learn about the ways we've come up with for you, your family, friends and colleagues to get more from The Trafalgar Way.
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for Educators...

Interested in fresh materials and topics to support the curriculum in new ways? Click below to find free downloadable worksheets and fantastic interactive workshops guaranteed to get young people thinking, to inspire creativity and to spark their interest in the history of their own neighbourhood and maritime Britain.

It all began in 1805 with one man and his urgent message.

271 miles, 38 hours, 21 changes of horses and over 200 years later, the story continues ...


Cornwallis Remembered 5th-7th July 2019

Photo credit: Paul French/Southpoint filmsHampshire village Milford-on-Sea is host, this coming weekend, to a series of celebration events remembering the life of Admiral William Cornwallis (1744-1819). The 1805 Cl...


The Victory Grand Tour Cape to Cape 2019

Residents along The Trafalgar Way are in for a treat on May 18th this year! Prepare for the spectacle of more than 40 classic cars competing in a grand odyssey of a rally which will have begun at Cape Trafalgar in ...

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Prize-winners' visit to HMS Victory

I, for one, was grateful not to be at sea on board HMS Victory on March 3rd. Having battled my way into Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard with my umbrella acting simultaneously as a shield and a sail, it was no surpri...

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An Urgent Message - now available to buy

We're excited to announce that the book featuring the prize-winning collection of stories from our competition, "An Urgent Message", is now for sale on Amazon.  Click here to view and buy in paperback - ...


Running The Trafalgar Way Short Story Competition

At The Trafalgar Way we are all about storytelling so last year we decided to launch a short story contest. Little did I know it was going to take me into one of England's most historic rooms and that one clever yo...