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Colmers Hill_DirectorsCut

Colmer's Hill Dorset

Jim Butler scooped the 1st Prize for Photography (age 17+) for his stunning landscape depicting Colmer's Hill near Bridport in Dorset. Image is © Jim Butler 2021.

Art (age 7 to 11)

1st Prize
- Ailla Ford, aged 11, 'Belowda (Belovely) Hill Mine, Goss Moor, Cornwall'
2nd Prize - Ayla, aged 8, 'Cadiz Memorial, St James’s Palace'
3rd Prize - Deyaan Garg, aged 9, 'Engine house of Belowda Hill Mine'.


Ages are as at 1st September 2020, as per the rules of entry.

Schools Prize (age 7 to 11)


1st Prize - Croydon Children's Art School - 'The Triumph' by Judy Liu

2nd Prize - Royal Prep School - 'The George Inn' by Rilly Klidjian


Art (age 12 to 16)

1st Prize
- Sing Yi, aged 12, 'Trafalgar Way'
2nd Prize - Katie Gibb, aged 15, 'Whitchurch Town Hall'
3rd Prize - Nikita Jamthe, aged 16, 'Four Fantastic Stops along the Trafalgar Way'


Ages are as at 1st September 2020, as per the rules of entry.

Art (age 17 and above)

1st Prize
- Philip Keen, 'Changing horses at The Golden Lion Inn, Crockernwell'
2nd Prize (joint) - Philip Irons, 'Penryn from Hill Head 'Along the Trafalgar Way'

2nd Prize (joint) - Billie Hastie, 'A Race Through Countryside'
3rd Prize - Jo South, '"...a moment's time may not be lost", Overton - 16th Change'


Photography (age 12 to 16)


Due to the low number of entries in this category no award was made.


Photography (age 17 and above)


1st Prize - Jim Butler, 'Colmer's Hill Dorset'
2nd Prize - Warren Wise, 'The Nearly home Trees'
3rd Prize - Hoi Lam, 'Flood Lit'


The Peter Warwick Memorial Trophy


Chloe Barwick (aged 12) - 'Sailing The Trafalgar Way'


The John Richards Lapenotiere Trophy


Chieyiem Nwigwe (aged 8) - 'From Falmouth to London'


Francis Frith Awards for Regional Scenes and Residents


CORNWALL Scene - Jason Keeble, 'Enjoying the Trafalgar Way'

CORNWALL Resident - Laura Wakeham, 'Swanpool Beach'

DEVON Scene - Violet Parker, 'Dartmoor Ponies'

DEVON Resident - Marian Bond, 'Leaving Okehampton'

DORSET Scene - Gemma Thomson, 'Charmouth Landscape'

DORSET Resident - James Turner, 'Dorset Barn'

WILTSHIRE Scene - Beliz Atalay, 'Brushstrokes of the Salisbury Cathedral'

WILTSHIRE Resident- Annette Shaw, 'Beautiful Swans and Cathedral'

HAMPSHIRE Scene - Brady Turner, 'MARTIN DOWN towards Salisbury'

HAMPSHIRE Resident - Sue Lang, 'Colmers Hill, Bridport - 1805'

SURREY Scene - Fatima Mohsin, 'The Brick House'

SURREY Resident - Beth Savill, 'Trafalgar Way Lion'

BERKSHIRE Scene - Holly Lee, 'Wi(ndsor)sh you were here'

BERKSHIRE Resident - Siyona Bhandari, 'Surrounded'

GREATER LONDON Scene - Harriet Lawless, 'Rainy Window View of Trafalgar Square, London'

GREATER LONDON Resident - Tatum Young, 'Moment in Remembrance'


Highly Commended Entries


Lucy Souter - Puddletown

Fern Mugridge - Lieutenant Lapenotiere’s Journey

Alice Parker - A Cloudy Day at West Bay

Michael Thomas - Taking Flight

Maia West - Tour of The Trafalgar Way

Catherine Lake - Journey through the tree tunnel

Cheng Ku - Nelson column

Enkhjin Bayarsaikhan - The Post- chaise Travel

Harry Davis - Nelson's column

Fiona Mackay - Gandy street scribble

Francis Salvesen - Launceston Castle

Jasmine Anguin - West Street Bridge, Blandford (Mixed Mediaa)

Jasmine Anguin - A ride along Surrey Lane

Anna Walsh - Pelican Greeting

Najiyah Islam - The intricacy of Founder’s Building

Jason Keeble - Enjoying the Trafalgar Way - Falmouth

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