The 1805 Club

Conservation & education

The 1805 Club, a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 1201272) was established in 1990 to record, conserve and restore the graves and monuments of people associated with the Georgian sailing navy of Britain. This era was the heyday of sail, sometimes also called Nelson's Navy, in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

In the years since its inception, The 1805 Club has: 
  • conserved dozens of graves and memorials in the UK and overseas
  • created three new memorials
  • arranged high profile commemorative events
  • organised visits to sites and events of interest to its members
  • furthered research through international conferences and publications such as the annual Trafalgar Chronicle and launched both an educational programme for schools and a lecture programme for the Royal Navy.
Since 2005 The 1805 Club is also the official custodian of The Trafalgar Way from Falmouth to the Admiralty in London.    
Over the past quarter of a century, The 1805 Club's remit has expanded to cover the people of all navies in the heyday of sail, and today, The 1805 Club is regarded as an important member of the international naval heritage family. 
Lapenotiere grave plaque
Lapenotiere's graveside memorial, Menheniot, Cornwall
Where graves and memorials cannot be restored or reconstituted, The 1805 Club provides plaques to aid in the commemoration of those they represent.

LIBOR grant

In 2016 the charity was awarded LIBOR funds by the Chancellor to further its activities in the UK and overseas. Specific projects funded under this award include:

  • Conservation of the Nevis Register, the original marriage record of Nelson's marriage to Fanny Nisbet in 1787.
  • Purchase of new databases and development of The 1805 Club website to make records available for public search online.
  • Arrangement and provision of a series of naval lectures to provide historical enrichment to serving members of the Royal Navy.
  • Conservation of the chapel in the Old Royal Naval Hospital in Menorca.
  • The Wooden World: a programme of fun and educational workshops for schoolchildren and other groups to deliver insight into what life was like on board wooden ships of the Georgian period.
  • The further development and promotion of The Trafalgar Way.

The publications of The 1805 Club

To mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, The 1805 Club published a best-selling book, The Trafalgar Captains, Their Lives and Memorials. The book contains the biographies of the 38 officers who commanded the ships of the line at the Battle of Trafalgar. The book also features photographs of the locations of their graves, memorials and epitaphs to enable readers to visit them. Among them is Lieutenant John Richards Lapenotiere, who brought Collingwood's dispatch back from the Battle of Trafalgar, inspiring the creation of The Trafalgar Way.

The annual publication of The 1805 Club is The Trafalgar Chronicle, a collection of expert articles specially commissioned by the Editor on behalf of the charity on a variety of topics pertinent to the Club's interests. More information on our publications and where to obtain them can be found here.
2019-02-06 18.26.40-2
Visit to the College of Arms
Club members and friends heard all about the fascinating history and modern-day application of Heraldry at their visit to the College of Arms in 2019.


The Club organises many events, among them visits to places and occasions of interest in London, other parts of the UK, the Isle of Man, Spain, the Caribbean and the USA.

The Club has also held conferences in Menorca, Portsmouth and at the Medical Society in London. The 1805 Club is co-organiser and sponsor of an international Conservation Symposium, held annually.

There are numerous social events and opportunities to visit places not normally accessible by the public, often with expert guides as our hosts. 

Many of the Club's members live overseas, including a strong contingent in North America.

Membership of The 1805 Club is open to all who share an interest in its aims. 

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