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Coronavirus and the Postcards Competition


The 'Postcards' competition is still very active and we heartily wish to see your photographs and artworks featuring the Trafalgar Way! It's so beautiful out there in our towns and villages throughout spring and summer, and this is a great time to look around you, explore a little and capture the moment. We are monitoring the coronavirus guidelines from the government and have the following advice for entrants to our competition:

  • Stay local: for photographers that means entrants need to live within safe, sensible travelling distance of The Trafalgar Way and to observe social distancing and hygiene while out and about.
  • Be creative: for artists, there are all kinds of resources and prompts available to help you. If you can't get to The Trafalgar Way in person, we have some ideas for you! Follow our link to find out more.
Kathy Brown, Director of The Trafalgar Way, visits Trafalgar Square for the launch of the Postcards

Background to the Competition

Kathy Brown, Director of The Trafalgar Way, tells us: "Following the success of our short story competition "An Urgent Message" in 2018, which was aimed at young people aged 7 to 21, we wanted to hold a much bigger competition this time round, which would appeal to a wider audience and help us to further grow awareness of The Trafalgar Way as a national heritage route.

Consequently, this competition is open to entrants nationwide, although we anticipate most entries will come from south and south-western England. It's also open to all age groups, as we know there is an immense wealth of interest, creativity and talent out there deserving of recognition."

The Art and Photography competition invites entrants to explore and capture the route and geography of The Trafalgar Way in picture form, as well as learning something of its history. 
Read about the history of The Trafalgar Way, from the 1805 context, the battle itself, and the journey of the official messenger, to the 2005 bicentenary celebrations and the present day.
Discover the route of The Trafalgar Way, with inspiration for scenes along the way.
Adult artist

How to Enter

  1. Read our 'guidelines for entrants' below
  2. Take a stunning photograph or create a two-dimensional artwork of a scene along The Trafalgar Way.
  3. Register on our competition site
  4. Submit your entries
  • The submission deadline is 1st September 2020. You may submit each entry in full or save and return to edit your work right up to the submission deadline.
  • Schools may enter multiple entries on behalf of their pupils.
    Fees are from £1 to £5 for each entry submitted, depending on your age.
  • It's a good idea to register on the site even if you are not yet ready to submit your masterpiece, as that way you will receive all the news and communications aimed at competition entrants.
West Street Bridge Blandford (c) Ian Gregory

Be inspired!


Allow us to take you on a step-by-step tour of The Trafalgar Way, from Falmouth to London. Adam Preston has provided a closer look at the special places visited by The Trafalgar Way and revealed some of their stories, which we hope will provide you with inspiration for you postcard image.


We have also collected photographs, some of them specially commissioned, to illustrate typical 'postcard scenes' and showcase the variety and beauty of the places along the 271-mile route. Please take a look and enjoy them!


The Prizes

There are almost 40 chances to win an award in this competition, with top prizes including up to £1000, plus special trophies and lots of runner-up prizes to scoop.

Main award winners will be invited to London for a private awards ceremony in a special location.
All award-winning entries will be considered for a proposed 'Postcards from the Trafalgar Way' touring exhibition during 2021/22.

How much does it cost to enter?

A small fee is required for entries to encourage a good standard of entry, and to help raise money to support The Trafalgar Way for future generations. Entry fees (and prizes) vary according to age group:

Age 7 to 11 - £1 per entry
Age 12 to 16 - £2 per entry
Age 17 to adult - £5 per entry

All proceeds from this competition are donated directly to The 1805 Club, a charity registered in England and Wales (no 1071871), for the purposes of continuing the promotion, educational programmes and custodianship of The Trafalgar Way.
School art

School entries

For the age category 7 to 11, teachers and school staff may submit photographic entries and photos of artwork on behalf of students. There are special prizes available for the best two entries each representing a school.
Mixed format artist

Guidelines for entrants

For a full and regularly updated FAQ (Frequently asked questions) and set of hints and tips for entrants, please click the button below.

Full Competition Terms and Conditions of Entry are here.
Chateau Las Tours 09.10.16 328 x 301

The judges

Our judges for the Postcards from The Trafalgar Way competition include genuine experts in the fields of art and photography. We are delighted to have the support of the Royal Navy Photographic Branch who display an incredible standard of professional photography and produce jaw-dropping images on land, sea and shore. 

All entries will be judged anonymously.