Storytelling Visits & Assemblies

Let us tell the story

Do you have an hour to spare in your school day? We can arrange classroom and assembly visits to retell your children the story of Lieutenant Lapenotiere and his important message. We'll take the children from the noise of battle at Trafalgar, through stormy seas and follow the messenger's exciting journey by post-chaise from Falmouth to London. Great for schools situated along the route of The Trafalgar Way to give local historical context and a sense of being part of this episode, which marked such a momentous turning point in our national timeline.
The race to deliver important news
It was not only Lieutenant Lapenotiere who was racing to the Admiralty with news of Trafalgar. Children love the excitement as the story unfolds, with speculation about how Lapenotiere arrived at his detination before rival Captain Sykes, with only minutes to spare.

Assembly talks and classroom visits

Starting in Spring 2019

How to fire up the imagination and spark the interest of young people, in under an hour. Our talks are especially designed for schools, colleges and home learning groups located along The Trafalgar Way. Choose from a 20-minute intro talk or a one-hour presentation with Q and A. We'll leave the children with some follow-up activities to research and do. This is a great fit for topics on local history, since we know from your location that your local towns and villages were already thriving centres of communication in the 18th and 19th centuries. Guaranteed to leave children with many questions and a hunger to find out more!

Available to schools along The Trafalgar Way or in the eight counties through which it passes: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey, East Berkshire and London.

All booked school visits are subject to availability and (excluding visits by Lt Lapenotiere) are free of charge, but we ask you to consider purchasing a school poster or follow-on pack or organising some fundraising to help support the role of The 1805 Club in preserving the ongoing legacy of The Trafalgar Way.
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20-minute Talk

Just right for a school assembly or to help break up the day. Our 20-minute talk is a brief introduction to the story of Lt Lapenotiere and The Trafalgar Way.

We deliver these short talks via a network of volunteer partners. If you're a member of a local group which would like to get involved in these, please get in touch!
First talk at Blisland Primary School

1-hour Presentation with Q & A

Our 1-hour presentation session includes a shanty from the Napoleonic era and a folk song all about Lapenotiere. The story-telling unravels with information about your own neighbourhood as it was at the time Lapenotiere passed close by. There's time for Q and A at the end, and information for the children to take away afterwards.

A visit from Lt Lapenotiere

Imagine coming face to face with someone from the past! A visit from Lt Lapenotiere himself will prove extra memorable for young people. With a chance to ask the Lieutenant for a first-hand account of his journey, what was going through his head as he travelled, and the hidden pieces of the story as yet untold, there is no better way to bring the whole thing to life!

Bookings for a visit from Lt Lapenotiere are charged from £350 for a single session which includes a donation to The 1805 Club for The Trafalgar Way fund.

Arrange an assembly talk

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