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Make 2020 the year you do something new and memorable with your Key Stage 2 pupils! The Trafalgar Way story unlocks a world of local history and geography learning. For schools in the eight counties of The Trafalgar Way (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey, East Berkshire and Greater London) this means learning about events which happened on your doorstep over 200 years ago. This competition uses art and photography as a medium to encourage children to open their eyes and look at the scenes around them in context. Help them spot the visual clues of yesterday, and take note of the things which give your local environment its identity today. Schools from anywhere in the UK can enter this competition: some creativity and research may be called for - paintings done from Scotland and Northern Ireland which imagine a scene are just as welcome as photographs and open-air sketches done on location along The Trafalgar Way.

For schools and colleges with older pupils, please encourage them to take part and enter as individuals in the Age 12 to 16 and Age 17 and above categories.

Competition deadline is midnight on 1st September 2020 and we are using this date to ascertain eligibility for age categories. If you miss the end of the summer term, pupils aged 7 to 11 on the deadline date may enter the competition as individuals (with parental consent) during the summer holidays and nominate their school for a schools prize.

We've lots more free information available to teachers and home-schoolers. Please see our education resources section for our wonderful downloadable information packs and workshops.
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New experiences in local history and geography
Image is ©Paul Clarke
For our Age 7 to 11 categories, teachers and school staff may submit entries on behalf of pupils in both the Photography and Art categories.

How to enter one or more pupil entries

  • Schools anywhere in the UK are eligible to take part.
  • There is no limit on number of entries per staff member, however the same entry fee per entry applies - £1 each for children aged 7 to 11 on 1st September 2020. The entry fee must be paid at time of submission of entries, so it will be up to the registered staff member to collect in pupil contributions beforehand, subsidise them from school funds, or recover fees from parents after submission. Please remember all fees are donations to charity to help continue the work promoting The Trafalgar Way.
  • Each entry will be considered both for the individual child awards and for a special schools prize.
  • For each entry, please select either the category called 'Schools 7 to 11 ART' or 'Schools 7 to 11 PHOTOGRAPHY'.
  • Instead of an image title, we have asked for your student's name for each entry to identify it. If you prefer to keep this anonymous then please use an identifier of your choosing instead but please keep records to remember which child has submitted which image.
  • Your entries should be supplied as follows:
  1. All entries are to be submitted digitally. For the 'Photography' category this means the photograph itself. For the Art category this means a digital file (for digital art pieces) or a good quality photograph of the artwork for a drawn, printed or painted piece. Do not send in original artwork!
  2. Original designs for the art category may be 2D 'physical' art (paint, sketch, pastels, collage etc) or digital in composition, or a combination of both! This may include composite pieces which include, or are created from photographs.
  3. Entries which are primarily or solely photographs and are intended to look like photographs should be entered in the 'Photography' categories.
  4. If you are uncertain whether the image is a photograph or artwork, pick one and explain how the image was created. If we consider it is in the wrong category we may contact you and suggest you swap category. Alternatively, you may enter it in more than one category. Just copy the entry and change category for the second one. You will need to pay separate entry fees for each entry submitted.
  5. If the entry includes physical artwork, take a good quality photograph of the original piece to submit. Do not submit your original painting or drawing at this time.
  6. Original artwork may measure anything from A6 to A1 in size. Maximum dimensions are 841mm ?- 594mm.
  7. Upload JPEG, PNG or PDF files.
  8. You may submit only one image per entry. If you have variants on the same image you wish the judges to consider then you will need to submit them as separate entries to the competition.
  9. A maximum file size of 20MB has been set per attachment. If you need to submit a larger file, please contact us to discuss this, sending an email to info@thetrafalgarway.org.
  • Please carefully retain all original artwork in its raw format. If an entry is shortlisted for an award, we may ask you to deliver this to us. If the entry is successful, we will want to display the original artwork in our Awards Exhibition.
  • The same conditions apply for school entries as for individual age 7 to 11 entries, except that we will not ask for parental consent to entry, until the shortlist has been selected for this category. We will then require parental consent so that we can name the child and their school if they are chosen as the winner. We will contact the teachers/school contact in each case to ask for their help in facilitating this consent.
  • Important! It is up to the staff member submitting the entries to confirm that each pupil and their entry is eligible according to the category criteria. Work must be the pupil's own. Please be very careful about potential copyright infringements, personal privacy, and read our full Ts and Cs.

Schools prizes

The winning entry and runner-up for a Schools Entry piece will win a special bundle of prizes aimed at schools.

One lucky school will be selected over all from the best schools' submissions for each of ART and PHOTOGRAPHY. They will win the following for the class of the winning entrant:
  • £250 and a Treasure Trails voucher worth £9.99 for the winning child (unless they are already an individual category winner or runner-up nominating a school).
  • Wooden World day workshop for the winning class.
  • A framed copy of the winning entry, a Trafalgar Way certificate and a framed storymap poster depicting The Trafalgar Way Story in colour
  • A complete Key Stage 2 Geography maps pack from Francis Frith (normally £99).

The runner-up school will be awarded:

  • £25 and a Treasure Trails voucher worth £9.99 for the winning child (unless they are already an individual category winner or runner-up nominating a school).
  • A framed copy of the winning entry, a Trafalgar Way certificate and a framed storymap poster depicting The Trafalgar Way Story in colour
  • A complete Key Stage 2 Geography maps pack from Francis Frith (normally £99).

Still have a question?

Please first take a look at our Competition Guideines and FAQ. If that doesn't answer your question, please get in touch with info@thetrafalgarway.org and we'll be glad to advise!