Running Challenges: The Trafalgar Way Badge

So you are a parkrun tourist?

It's undeniably a 'thing'. parkrun has taken off in a big way around the world with over 5 million registered runners, walkers and volunteers at time of writing. Of these, thousands are 'tourists' who love to travel, visit new courses and explore as they go. Now, there is a way for parkrun tourists to play games and achieve a variety of virtual challenges via the 'Running Challenges' browser extension.
Frimley Lodge parkrun - Sam Bloomfield
At Frimley Lodge parkrun
parkrun Tourists gather at Frimley Lodge parkrun (near Camberley on The Trafalgar Way) - photo © Sam Bloomfield
For hundreds of thousands of weekly runners, walkers and volunteers, parkrun provides the perfect occasion for fitness, friendship and social wellbeing. There are thousands of parkrun venues around the world, but we've identified the SIXTEEN* closest to The Trafalgar Way. You can see them on our interactive map and click through to find out more about each venue. They are:

  1. Andover
  2. Basingstoke
  3. Bedfont Lakes
  4. Blandford
  5. Crane Park
  6. Exeter Riverside
  7. Frimley Lodge
  8. Fulham Palace
  9. Gunnersbury
  10. Lanhydrock
  11. Old Deer Park
  12. Osterley
  13. Salisbury
  14. Seaton
  15. Trelissick
  16. Wormwood Scrubs

For parkrunners keen on collecting virtual badges, we're proposing two new challenges: 
  • A virtual 'Trafalgar Way Regionnaire' badge for completion of the sixteen* parkruns of The Trafalgar Way, and... 
  • ...A LAPENOTIERE badge for parkrunners anywhere in the world who spell out the name of the messenger using the first letters of their last eleven runs.
Poor Lt Lapenotiere had a name few could spell and even fewer could pronounce. So we want to reward anyone who can get it right in parkruns! Earn yourselves a smart badge and a place on our roll of honour if you succeed.

Our challenge is also open to voluntourists - people who travel but do a volunteering role at the parkruns they visit instead of running.

The reward badge is free to those who succeed, however if you wish to use one of these challenges to seek sponsorship or raise funds for The Trafalgar Way or a charity of your choice, that would be most welcome.

How it works

  1. Register for parkrun
  2. Run, jog, walk or volunteer at a parkrun
  3. Get in touch with us to show us evidence of your Regionnaire or LAPENOTIERE status.
  4. We'll tell you how to get hold of your amazing, exclusive, limited edition Running Challenges badge!
  5. You'll be added to The Trafalgar Way Running Challenges Roll of Honour!

The easiest way to prove what you have done is via the Running Challenges browser extension. This shows your personal parkrun results page in a whole, colourful new light. Volunteers should get in touch with their ID number so we can check their tourism contributions.

* New parkruns are coming online all the time so this number may change in future.

22786 TW parkrun Tourism Badge v1-01
The Trafalgar Way parkrun tourist badge
Our reward for intrepid travellers!

The badge

Here's a preview of the exclusive prototype badge you could earn for running all the parkruns along The Trafalgar Way!

Perhaps you've already done it...?