Nautical November Fun

Pickle Night is a fun naval-themed social occasion, held on or around the 6th November. It has nothing whatsoever to do with gherkins, onions or vinegar, and everything to do with the fastest little ship at Trafalgar! It started as a way to enable 'below decks' Naval personnel to have something equivalent to the more formal Trafalgar Night Dinners held by officers. Today, groups both inside and outside the Royal Navy have adopted the idea of Pickle Night to host fun and fundraising social occasions, which may or may not include sit-down dinners. There are a wealth of ideas and formats used. We've described a few below.


Why not host your own Pickle Night with lots of nautical theming? Peruse our ideas for games and activities to include, and maybe use it as a fundraising evening. Note - If you are doing this, we'd love it if you could consider donating some of your proceeds to The 1805 Club, to help us to keep telling The Trafalgar Way story! You can donate online, here.


Please follow the links below to find out more about types of Pickle Night others have held and download free resources.

Mark Fisher - Pickle Night

Pickle Night with friends and all the trimmings!

Mark and Pam host annual Pickle Nights at their home. Read more below. Image © Mark Fisher, with permission.

Colin Smith - HMS Nelson Gateway - CC BY-SA 2.0

The origin of Pickle Night

By contrast to Trafalgar Night Dinners, long celebrated in Naval Wardrooms and other prestigious venues worldwide, the tradition of Pickle Night suppers is a relatively young one. Find out how it all began.


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Planning a Pickle Night?

We have all manner of resources for you, from shanties to sing, matelot kit to purchase and FREE downloadable documents to help your evening's organisation go swimmingly!


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A typical Senior Rates Mess Pickle Night

A typical Senior Rates Mess Pickle Night event, as described to us by Matthew, a retired Warrant Officer. This format works well for a large gathering. Attendees (who may include non-serving guests) are split up into "Gun Crews", each led by a Gun Captain whose job is to keep their crew in order and read out the Dispatches as the evening progresses...


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Mark Fisher - Pickle Night - crop

A Pickle Night supper with friends

Mark from Fareham told us, 'I served 33 years in the Royal Navy and attended many Service Pickle Nights. To fill the void left by leaving the Service I now host one for friends, annually at my house.' Read on to find out how Mark and Pam host their Pickle Night at home and pick up some ideas.


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NYYC Pickle Night

A grand Pickle Night in New York

The annual Pickle Night at the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) is a fundraising event for the National Museum of the Royal Navy. It is organised by The American Friends of the National Museum of the Royal Navy (AFNMRN).


Click the link below to find out more and access this year's invitation to a virtual but no less elite event.


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1805 Club Pickle Night 2

The 1805 Club Pickle Night

For some years, Captain Peter Hore RN (Retd) has organised a Pickle Night in London, for fun and fundraising for The 1805 Club. The 1805 Club's Pickle Night is traditionally very informal, with no sit-down dinner, but drinks and canapés served to guests. Musical entertainment is provided to accompany the evening, and sea-shanties are sung. The evening traditionally includes some very unique aspects...


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Pickle Night Calendar

Hosting a Pickle Night and want to promote it?

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